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Proving our reliability in fleet management solution provider, we have developed a robust and innovative GPS Tracking Software offering the affordable fleet management solutions that will help your business to get more clients and improve the efficiency of their fleet.

About The Company : Proline Signals is an Indian based company focused to provide its clients robust software to manage their fleets with powerful, efficient satellite based GPS Tracking Solution. Our Software gives you up-to-the minute speed and location updates, including test or email alerts based on parameters you set in advance, with history of usage, reports, accurate engine diagnostics, routing and messages which are amalgamated to provide the most effective fleet management solutions.

In short, Our GPS Tracking Solution allows you to track vehicles and create management reports both live and historically and can be integrated with any GPS hardware which also includes tracking technologies such as RFID.

We aim to reduce the stress on Transportation/Fleet Management Companies by providing a highly automated and customizable Vehicle tracking solutions.

It helps in providing solutions to:

  • Schools
  • Travel and Tourism companies
  • Courier and Goods Transportation
  • Hotels and Restaurants Management
  • Hospital Fleet Management


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KEY Features & Benefits:

  • Integration of various GPS hardware into one platform
  • Email and SMS alerts for user defined rules.
  • Monitor Excessive Idle Time to help reduce Fuel Costs
  • Receive Speed Alerts to Keep Drivers Safe
  • Detect Harsh Braking to Prolong the Value of Your Fleet
  • Track and Locate Vehicles Real-Time Via the Internet Increasing Productivity and Operating Efficiency
  • Receive Boundary Alerts When a Driver Exits or Enters a Preset Location.
  • Customize Your Map and Add Points of Interest, Customer Addresses or Frequently Visited Locations.
  • Quickly Locate Your Vehicles Using Dispatch Assist For More Precise Routing.
  • Ensure Proper Vehicle Battery Power and Receive Alerts if Voltage Drops Too Low
  • View and Print Detailed Reports for Any Time Period to Manage Your Business.
  • Export Fleet Activity Data to Use For Time Cards, Location Verification and Payroll
  • Alerts for route deviation.
  • User friendly reports for Management with bus and route details.

USP of our Software:

  • Along with Web based Software with mobile apps for tracking and our customers can immobilize their vehicles in just 5 seconds from anywhere by just sending one command from our mobile app.
  • Offers you with a unique feature of Tracking the Exact Vehicle route and Location details.
  • Also, it features notifying about the proximity of the vehicle i.e. the estimated Pick-up & Drop-out time with respect to the specified destination.

Technology used for Web and Mobile Application Development:

  • Server-side Technologies: PHP, Java
  • UI technologies: SENCHA EXT JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Mobile Platforms: SENCHA Touch, Android, iPhone

Visit Proline Signals to learn more about our Customized GPS Tracking Web and Mobile Application

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