How does School Bus Tracking System Works

Scope of School Bus Tracking

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Tangible Benefits

School Pick Up and Drop

Transparency in school pick up and drop

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind to Parents

Reduce Communication Gap

Reduced Communication Gap and Time

Reduce Waiting Time

Reduced waiting time for parents due to accurate ETA

Detect Speed, Route, Idle Time

Detect over speeding, route violations, and idle time

Real Time Tracking

Real Time tracking of the bus for both parents and school authorities

Cost Savings

Cost savings by optimizing. Reducing the need for even one bus can save you a lot

Time Saving

Time - saving when compared to managing manually

Clear Picture

Have clear picture of worker hours

Plan, Schedule and Route

Plan, Schedule and route your school bus fleet with efficiency Parents and school authorities are aware of the student's whereabouts, providing extra safety

Attractive Features & Benefits

The attractive features and benefits of the School Bus Tracking software is sure to revolutionize the management of your School Bus Fleet.

Feature-rich Software

Enhance the reputation of your school by adapting this efficient and feature-rich software


About Proline Signals

Proline signals is Indian based company foccused to provide its clients robust software to manage their fleets with powerful,efficient satellite based GPS Tracking Solution.Proline Signals provides instant information on vehicle location, history of usage, reports, accurate engine diagnostics, routing and messages which are amalgamated to provide the most effective fleet management solutions. It is a comprehensive and adaptable fleet tracking system which includes the ability to provide customized solutions for reports, alerts and diverse features which can be customized as per client requirements and ensure the creation of unmatched return on investment.

Our contemporary Vehicle Tracking System provides efficient hardware and supplementary services including navigation and messaging services for fleet owners. The diversity of devices in hardware options permits every client to choose such combinations which are ideal for their operations.

Proline Signals is your one stop gateway for the entire GPS security needs. We are a total-solutions provider, with ventures in the vehicle and asset tracking. Our focus is to help our clients build stronger businesses and relationships with their customers.

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