Hospital Fleet Tracking

Proline Signals provides Customized Vehicle Tracking Software for Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industries. Tracking your Hospital Vehicles / Ambulances helps the hospital management to receive the real-time information of the fleet and dispatch nearest ambulance for emergency pick up. Management can track the temperatures of samples carried by sample pick up vehicles and take necessary action accordingly. The solution is also beneficial to the transportation of Pharmaceutical Industries serving hospitals with their delivery services. Hospital Fleet Management Solution improves the efficiency by generating various miscellaneous reports of each vehicle.

Main Features and Benefits of Our Hospital and Pharmaceutical
Fleet Tracking Application

Dispatch nearest Ambulance for Emergency pick up
Keep Medicines and Drugs at Recommended Temperature
Avoid Downtime and breakdown
Assign Fastest Route For Emergency Pick Up
Notify Customer with Real Time Information of Ambulance by SMS
Miscellaneous Report with Details of All Fleets
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