Courier Services and Goods Transportation

There are many issues faced by the number of Courier and Goods Transportation Companies in terms of late deliveries and customer complaints about the transportation and delivery services. So, we have also focused to provide vehicle tracking solution to Courier and Goods Transportation Companies by serving them with our Web and Mobile Tracking Application Software. This helps various E-Commerce and Distribution Industries which on major grounds is assisted by the help of professional Courier Services and Goods Transportation Companies for their delivery services. It enables you to track your goods / assets and get notified about the movement of your goods / assets. Also the users are alerted of the Pick-up and Drop of their goods to be transported. We help delivery and goods transportation companies to manage their delivery businesses effectively and hence ensures in Increasing the delivery speed and reliability and also improving customer service.

Main Features of Our GPS Vehicle tracking Solution for Courier
and Goods Transportation Companies

Receive Dispatch Alert
Assign and Optimize Routes with Dispatch Schedule to Drivers
Auto Generated Report for Driver with all Dispatch Details
Have clear picture of worker hours
Alert for missed Dispatch or Route Violation
Customize Your Map and Add Points of Interest (POI), Customer Addresses or Frequently Visited Locations
Customizable and user friendly reports
Temperature alert for Perishable goods
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