Travel and Tourism Transportation

Major Travel and Tourism Companies face with the issues of heavy fuel costs and improper fleet returns. Proline Signals thus provides GPS Tracking Solution to Travel and Tourism Companies including different Public Transportation Facility and Services to increase the productivity and operating efficiency of your fleet. Our GPS Tracking Web and Mobile Application enables you to quickly locate your drivers and passengers and reduce idle time. Tracking your Drivers/Vehicles will help you reduce fuel wastage and thus results in cost reduction. The Travel and Tourism Companies are able to plan, schedule and route the vehicles journey and set boundary rules accordingly to avoid idle time. This also includes offering solution to Corporate Companies providing Transport Facility (Pick-up and Drop) to their Employees. This will help you in improving your customer services at every level.

Travel and Tourism Companies benefits from Our GPS Tracking
Software in the following ways as follows

Cost savings by optimization and avoiding breakdowns
Scheduling of the Boundaries for each vehicle helps receiving alerts in case of violation of the boundary rules
Avoids Irrelevant Time wastage and Fuel consumption
Safe track your travelers / visitors journey
Ensure Proper Vehicle Battery Power and Receive Alerts if Voltage Drops Too Low
Notification Alerts for customized user defined rules
Reduced Communication Gap and Time between the management and drivers
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